Wolf Creek 2016

June 8-12, 2016. Call Letter now available!

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Montana Dance 2016

Come dance around the Montana Tree of Life, August 19-21! More details coming soon...

Prayers For Peace

The Prayers & Prose For Peace posted at the DFAP Prayer Request Hotline now archived...

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The Dance For All People comes from a tradition of the Great Basin/Plateau peoples that has been revitalized by Native people to perpetuate the healing and renewal of Mother Earth and all her beings around the Tree of Life.

Wolf Creek Dance 2016

Committed to the Spiritual Awakening, Healing and Expression of the Walks-Between and Two-Spirit People, their Allies and those of like Heart and Mind. June 9-12, 2016…

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Acerca de “Danza Para Toda Las Personas” En Español

La Danza Para Todas Las Personas viene de una tradición de los indios Norte-Americanos que viven en la Gran Cuenca/Meseta en el oeste de los Estados Unidos (E.U.). Esta Danza Ceremonial se ha revitalizado para perpetuar la curación y la renovación de nuestra Madre Tierra y todos sus seres…

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Making Prayer Ties

Prayer ties are a traditional sacred bundle of tobacco that is imbued with your best wishes, prayers, intentions, and especially your thank yous. The making of prayer ties is a wonderful way to prepare for ceremony, sweat lodge, vision quest — anytime you are called to pray with Creator…

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Interview With White Eagle

In a recent NCPC Newsletter Clyde Hall welcomed Timothy ‘White Eagle’ Turner as the newest member of the Naraya dance chiefs. To find out a bit more about the history of White Eagle, Mountaine conducted an inspiring interview with him…

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Prayers & Prose For Peace 

The Prayers For Peace and the Prose For Peace, an ongoing feature of the Prayer Request Line is now being archived for easy reflection. The archives now include all entries since January 2013, and includes interesting new art…

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Next Gathering: Wolf Creek Dance, June 9-12, 2016