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The Dance

When there is doubt, there is hope
When there is fear, there is love
When there is hate, there is peace
When there is suffering, there is the dance
A dance a dance a dance of hope
A dance a dance a dance of love
I dance to dance a dance of peace
I dance to dance I dance the dance

When there is doubt, there is hope
When there is fear, there is love
When there is hate, there is peace
When there is suffering, there is the dance

(Translation of Tiwa chant)
Dance all women
Dance all of you
Dance all you men
Dance all of you
Dance all women
Dance all you men

I dance to dance a dance of peace
I dance to dance
I dance the dance

— Robert Mirabel

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Dance When You’re Broken Open

Dance, when you’re broken open.
Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.
Dance in the middle of fighting.
Dance in your blood.
Dance, when you’re perfectly free.
Struck, the dancers hear the tambourine inside them,
as a wave turns the foam on its very top, begin.
Maybe you don’t hear that tambourine,
all the tree leaves clapping time.
Close the ears on your head that listen mostly to lies
and cynical jokes.
There are other things to hear and see:
dance, music and a brilliant city inside the soul.

— Rumi

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I Worried

I worried a lot. Will the garden grow, will the rivers
flow in the right direction, will the earth turn
as it was taught, and if not how shall
I correct it?

Was I right, was I wrong, will I be forgiven,
can I do better?

Will I ever be able to sing, even the sparrows
can do it and I am, well,

Is my eyesight fading or am I just imagining it,
am I going to get rheumatism,
lockjaw, dementia?

Finally I saw that worrying had come to nothing.
And gave it up. And took my old body
and went out into the morning,
and sang.

Mary Oliver

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Second Night of the 2015 Naraya

As we begin circling the Tree,
Commencing the cycle of songs,
The building energy
Flows out from the base of the Tree and the bundles
With increasing power.
On the Black Rocks Cracking song
We can feel the spirits
And the Ancestral Dancers
Rising from the opening stones
To join and support our circle.

The Rain Cloud Song pours down,
Gently at first,
Completing our purification,
Then strongly flowing the water into
And around our circle
Spinning us and the ancestors
Faster and faster,
In the rising torrent,

Then with the Eagle Song,
The great birds swoop down,
Grabbing us in their talons
To accelerate us skyward.
Soon we are riding smoothly on their backs,
At last to be one with the eagles
Lifting us up to receive the messages,

Now, with Joyously Spinning Fat Boy Song
We complete whirling away
All we have been carrying,
And we are in ecstasy
In our unity with all that is
In the Seventh Direction.

With the Red Clay Song
We spiral back down
Until we are again firmly on the Earth,
Bringing down the gifts
Of vision and new energy
That will make themselves known
In the days ahead.

The Dark Rain Cloud on the Mountain Song
Brings the flow
That carries us back
Into the river of life,
To apply our gifts
For the unfolding of ourselves
And the advancement of the world.
But first, we give thanks,
Then shake out our shawls and blankets
To clear away any negativity,
And all we no longer need.

Thus we are ready for the closing song.
Tomorrow we will smoke out the Pipes,
Share gratefully in the ceremonial feast,
Before taking down the alters,
Exiting the bundles,
And saluting each other in the closing circle,
Preparatory to dispersing with our gifts
To the Four Directions.


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Second Night Opening Prayer

Wakan Tanka,
Pilamaya, Pilamaya,… Pilamaya!
Wopila, Wopila,…Wopila!
Great Mystery,
All the helper spirits!
Thank you for all the days and nights,
For This night,
This place,
This Tree,
For all these good people,
Who come to pray and support each other
And the renewal of the Earth and the people,
As this ceremony and the world
Complete one cycle
And begin another.

Help us to be open
To the flow of spirit
Wherever it takes us.
Holding the energy in
To do its work
With us.

We thank the Tree
For assisting us and the spirits.
We pray that the Tree
Will grow well,
Replanted in its new place.

Help us to remember
That we each have our own Tree of Life
In our spines,
That we will be open
To being replanted in a new place,
Working with the spirits
To move ourselves
To the next level,
And to restore the world
To being the garden
That it has always been,

Aho Mitakuye oyasin!


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