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Trust In Prayer

Hoseng ha o tsoha (When you wake up in the morning )
Bosiu ha o robala (When you sleep at night)
Tshepa Thapelo (Put your trust in prayer)

Leha o le tsietsing (Even if you’re in trouble)
O tsamaya lefifing (walking in darkness)
Tshepa thapelo (Put your trust in prayer)

Leha o thabile Rapela (Even if you are happy – pray)
Leha o lemonateng U rapela (Even if you are joyful – pray )

Oh oh oh Kae kappa kae (Wherever you are)
Neng kappa neng (Whatever the time)
Tshepa thapelo (Put your trust in prayer)

Children Care

Let Us Take Care of the Children

Let us take care of the children,
for they have a long way to go.

Let us take care of the elders,
for they have come a long way.

Let us take care of the in between,
for they are doing the work.

—African Prayer

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Second Night of the 2015 Naraya

As we begin circling the Tree,
Commencing the cycle of songs,
The building energy
Flows out from the base of the Tree and the bundles
With increasing power.
On the Black Rocks Cracking song
We can feel the spirits
And the Ancestral Dancers
Rising from the opening stones
To join and support our circle.

The Rain Cloud Song pours down,
Gently at first,
Completing our purification,
Then strongly flowing the water into
And around our circle
Spinning us and the ancestors
Faster and faster,
In the rising torrent,

Then with the Eagle Song,
The great birds swoop down,
Grabbing us in their talons
To accelerate us skyward.
Soon we are riding smoothly on their backs,
At last to be one with the eagles
Lifting us up to receive the messages,

Now, with Joyously Spinning Fat Boy Song
We complete whirling away
All we have been carrying,
And we are in ecstasy
In our unity with all that is
In the Seventh Direction.

With the Red Clay Song
We spiral back down
Until we are again firmly on the Earth,
Bringing down the gifts
Of vision and new energy
That will make themselves known
In the days ahead.

The Dark Rain Cloud on the Mountain Song
Brings the flow
That carries us back
Into the river of life,
To apply our gifts
For the unfolding of ourselves
And the advancement of the world.
But first, we give thanks,
Then shake out our shawls and blankets
To clear away any negativity,
And all we no longer need.

Thus we are ready for the closing song.
Tomorrow we will smoke out the Pipes,
Share gratefully in the ceremonial feast,
Before taking down the alters,
Exiting the bundles,
And saluting each other in the closing circle,
Preparatory to dispersing with our gifts
To the Four Directions.


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First Night of the Naraya

The space crowded with dancers
Longtime and new,
Spirits High
In celebration of a quarter century
Of Ceremony,
We feel the opening
Of the Directions

As the sacred arrows,
One by one
Are fired to the Four Directions.
The East Arrow arching far
To greet the great newness
That is dawning.

We move quickly and smoothly
Through the songs
As we circle round the Tree of Life,
Building the energy
Until the Naraya bundles are vibrating,
Ready to launch us
Strongly through the rounds
Of the night to come.


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O Our Father

O our Father, the Sky, hear us
and make us strong.
O our Mother, the Earth, hear us
and give us support.
O Spirit of the East,
send us your Wisdom.
O Spirit of the South,
may we tread your path.
O Spirit of the West,
may we always be ready for the long journey.
O Spirit of the North, purify us
with your cleansing winds.

—Sioux Prayer

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