In Memorium: Robin Kissinger

May Robin dance with the angels!

We ask for hearty prayers for our longtime Dance Compatriot, Robin Kissinger, who passed over to the other side camp on Christmas Eve!

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The message from Caring Bridge:

Robin transitioned on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 2013 surrounded by family at Friendship Village hospice center in Tempe, AZ. She is now free to fully be what she always was: an angel. We will be updating this site in the coming days with news of remembrance celebrations and burial details. Love to all, and of course Blessings and Happy Trails. MORE INFO

Of her passing daughter Lianna said: “There are no words. Only love, and comfort in the fact that she did not suffer long. That she is now free to fully be what she’s always been for me: an angel. Her influence is felt strongly by those who knew and were touched by her. I feel her with me now. I hope you do, too, whenever you hear a piano played or a song sung loud. Love always.”

robin-kissinger-facebookRobin was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer in early November, 2013. She quickly made the decision to move to Tempe to be with her daughter Lianna on Nov. 14th. To her great credit Robin reached out to all her friends and family for love and support. She wrote: “Because my cancer is advanced and complicated, I am not a candidate for traditional operations or radiation. In addition to prayers and the action of loved ones that I am already receiving and grateful for, I am in need of additional support.” To that end the Trio Paradis and Benet Hill Monastery collaborated to present a free Dec. 15 Christmas concert and Silent Auction to benefit her.

Robin has been dancing with us since 1997 in Maine, New York, and Utah (17 dances in all), oftentimes around the drum. Drawn naturally to power of music in the Dance she took her responsibilities around the drum seriously, and held the circle strong for dancers with her voice, whether on the drum or on the circle. In return the dance offered her a place to pray and clarity on her road of life — along with what truly became her theme song, Happy Trails.

Her gypsy soul took the urgings of Spirit to heart, and after the passing of father Richard in 2011, she bought a Ford diesel truck and a flatbed, built her mobile dream home and began her “journey to becoming a turtle” in her desire to live close to the land in the sustainable way she envisioned, singing all the way!

May Robin dance with the angels as she danced and sang into our hearts in her brief walk on this earth!

What better way to remember our sister than to hear her sing?

Robin’s Music:


Robin was put to rest in a green ceremony in El Mirage, Arizona. Her brother Mark, sister Alex, brother-in-law Lou, old friend Cynthia, daughter Lianna and Lianna’s fiancé Clinton were in attendance. Robin was wrapped in bright beautiful colors and cloths, and surrounded by flowers. A desert Ironwood tree will be planted above her. As part of the ceremony they played four Blessing Song recordings that had been composed and performed by Robin.

Remembrance Ceremony

Robin Kissinger received a memorial celebration on May 24, 2014, at Benet Hill Monastery, Colorado Springs, Colorado, at 2:30 pm. Benet Hill Monastery is located at 3190 Benet Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80921-1509.

There was much music and joy and all who shared parts of Robin’s life were invited. Her trio, “Trio Paradis,” played and family members and friends also sang and played.

For more information, please contact Robin’s sister, Alexandra Florimonte

Robin’s Obituary