In Memory of Stanley Guardipee

Thank you Ancestors for welcoming Stanley home to the other side camp

We pray today for our Naraya Brother and Elder Stanley Guardipee, who passed away Sunday night, October 20, 2013.

Stanley leaves behind many dear friends who mourn his passing deeply. Stanley’s partner, Merle Ellis, cousin Clyde Hall and hundreds of others in his home town of Inkom, Idaho, and in the Dance for All People Communities.

Many of us remember Stanley from his work at many, many Dances, where he would bless everyone around the Tree, and keep us all delighted with his antics and, sometimes irreverent, humor.

Stanley had been unwell for some time. Just over a year ago he had open-heart surgery. On Saturday he reported feeling unwell, and he passed away in his sleep Sunday night.

Please pray for a beautiful, joyous and glorious journey to the other side, for a dear man who was a friend to so many.

Sean Dill and Clyde Hall

updated Clyde Hall informs us that “Murl Ellis passed to the other side camp on January 9, 2014 at 1:30 PM. He died in his home surrounded by friends and family. His partner of 20 years was Stanley Guardipee, recently deceased. Let’s all think good thoughts on his transition.”