New York Dance 2016

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New York Dance For All People 2016
December 8-11
Ashokan Center ~ Olivebridge, NY

Walking Side By Side In Loving Union With Great Mystery

In our journey of healing and renewal we experience the Creator’s love through our own love: both our love of self, and our love of others. And knowing this, with great thanks, we dance honoring and renewing our partnership with the Great Mystery. This union is reflected in a deepening relationship —
with our own growth, our beloveds, and all our relations.

In Dancing we come together to renew our partnership and commitment with Creator. We grow in our spirits so as to have strength for the work Creator sets our hands to do. We grow within our community so that it will be strong to support the future. We grow — in harmony with all our relations — so that we may dance together in peace.

Come Dance with us!