Wolf Creek Dance 2017

Committed to the Spiritual Awakening, Healing and Expression of the Walks-Between and Two-Spirit People, their Allies and those of like Heart and Mind

June 7-11, 2017

For close to two decades, it’s become almost old hat: Every June, there’s the Naraya: A Dance for All People at Wolf Creek, and then life returns to normal. Yet somehow, this year feels different. The news and (social) media tell us how fragmented our nation is, how separate and divided we are. But is that true? What if instead we believed — and communicated — that we are one people. That in our difference and diversity lie strength. That in our togetherness lies our power. That what gives life to one of us, gives life to all.

If these words speak to you, and you wish to craft and live a more inclusive narrative, then, Dear One, you have heard the call for this year’s Naraya: A Dance for All People.

And we do mean all. While many who attend the Dance at Wolf Creek self-identify as queer, you don’t have to claim this or any other identity to join us. All we ask is that you embody your own essence — and that you remain open to hearing the call of Spirit. In return, know that you will be embraced with love. At this ceremony, we don’t ban people who look, think or pray in ways that differ from our own; we don’t ban people because they hail from another place. Everyone is welcome around the Tree of Life.

NOTE: All those interested must contact and have a conversation with a Gatekeeper before being invited to register for the Dance. The purpose of this conversation is to assist in clarifying your intentions for participating in the ceremony, as well as discussing logistics of the Dance to help guide your preparations. MORE INFO & TO REQUEST A CALL LETTER: EMAIL

Wolf Creek Sanctuary, our host site for this Dance, is an 80-acre sanctuary forested with Douglas fir, madrone, big leaf maple and white oak, all surrounding a lovely rolling meadow and the flowing waters of Wolf Creek.