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Dance For All People & NCPC

The Dance for All People is a ceremony of healing and renewal, inspired by the traditions of the First Nations of the Great Basin/Plateau adapted for today.

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Wisdom Circle Talks

NEXT ZOOM EVENT : SUN. APRIL 28Pipe Protocols: the Sacredness of Ceremonial Pipe with Clyde Hall and Jeff Ward

Utah Dance 2024

The Utah Dance for All People community has gathered, emerging from our collective dream with the vision of Going Beyond the Illusion. In this awakening, we rediscover the essence of who we truly are, reclaiming the boundless spirit that existed before life taught us to confine ourselves to smallness, silence, and the veils of societal norms…..

Wolf Creek Dance 2024

This year, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary, our Silver Jubilee, we ask: Who feels called to step into a leadership role, in our ceremony or in their own life?…