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About Our Prayer Requests

The way we ask for prayers is as much an art as it is an act of conscious awareness. We’re heard it a million times, and you are going to hear it once again (with embellishments): Be circumspect, aware, discerning (erring on the side of caution) WHAT you ask for (and HOW you ask for it) for indeed spirit is listening, and answering even before you can finish the sentence. Spirit moves in mysterious ways (to us humans at least!). Do we have the eyes, ears, and an open heart to discern the answer that is coming our way in response to our prayers?

Sometimes we have difficulty knowing what to pray for or how to proceed. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to say our best prayers, then step aside, step into a place of calm and focus, and let Creator do the heavy lifting. We are all humans, doing the best we can.

Composing Prayers for the Prayer Request Network

It is amazing the way we are weaving together as community and learning (more) about the power of our prayers together. Many people and elders have shared with us some important thoughts about our Prayer Requests. Here are a few ideas to consider as you think about and write your Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for yourself first! It’s not selfish, it’s intelligent. When you are vital and strong, your prayers are even stronger for others.

  • Do be concise as lengthy, rambling prayers usually don’t get read. But please give us enough information about your situation that will help guide us in the way we pray for you or a loved one.

  • If you are praying for a loved one, please give us their name and the relationship to you. Please ask for their permission for us to pray for them.

  • Do be clear, specific and intentional in what you are praying for. If you are praying for abundance, is it for an abundance of joy, money, pain, shelter, food, what? Your precise language is crucial to outcome.

  • Pray for the root cause. Sometimes in our haste we ask to alleviate pain and suffering— which may address the symptoms but will not address the root cause. Praying for a symptom to vanish instantly is not prayer, it’s wishful thinking. Often we need to sit with catastrophic illness or suffering and start a dialog with it to receive the messages we need to know how to proceed. Once we have done this we will know better what to pray for.

  • Do be careful what you pray for, for you might just get it!

  • Pray for peace, not war. To invoke prayer as a weapon against someone/some thing is not prayer at all but an act of aggression that tears asunder. Instead, pray for your healing and renewal to see things differently.

  • Prayers come in all shapes, all sizes, all denominations. One size does not fit all. That is, there is no right or wrong way to pray, as long as it is heartfelt and authentic.

  • Healing can take place on many levels, sometimes spontaneously, sometimes outside the realm of time and space. Do seek intelligent, level-headed medical attention as needed from professionals you trust. Invite Spirit to be a part of the process.

  • Please keep us updated. As much as we appreciate the Prayer Requests, we LOVE to hear how things turned out, and perhaps what you learned from the situation. Not every Prayer has a storybook ending, nor is that necessarily the goal. What matters is our courage and persistence to work with our struggles and dreams in the form of prayer, trusting in community and spirit to be at our side.

  • We also acknowledge the unspoken prayers as Grandmother Anna has so eloquently stated, the prayer that someone is afraid to utter. We know you’re out there. When you are ready, we will be glad to hear what you have to say! It’s okay to reveal your authentic self. Really. Shall we say it again?…

  • It’s okay to reveal your authentic self. It’s powerful, it’s courageous, it’s liberating. Go for it. Really.

  • Your time in prayer is sacred; this is your private time with Spirit. In truth it is sometimes a mysterious dialog for which we need “inner ears and eyes” to recognize the response to our prayers. Says Grandmother Anna: We have to listen very carefully because sometimes we inject our wishes and not Creator’s.

  • Dream BIG! If anything, err on the side of the impossible… The best prayers come from a passionate place, deep inside your heart. Let the head balance the checkbook; let the heart (not the emotions) craft the prayer.

  • Do act on your prayers in the world in positive ways that pave the way for your dreams and visions to manifest for the highest good of all our Relations.

  • Gratitude is the most powerful prayer there is. Find deep gratitude for your life, the elders and Bundlekeepers in our Dance community, and all your loved ones. Say a prayer for them, send them an email, send them a silly Hallmark card (OMG snail mail!), do anything, but just say thank you!

  • The focus of the Prayer Request Group is prayer; every post most contain some form of Prayer Request. This is not a discussion group or a place to post announcements unless it contains a Prayer Request. Almost any message is permissible as long as it contains a prayer. All messages are moderated and will not be posted until verified. On rare occasion a Prayer Request may be sent back to you for a re-write or clarification.

Our Prayers have a life of their own, but they also need attention, care, and feeding. In whatever way we can clearly communicate our Prayers simply, from the heart, (not from a fearful mind), we will reap untold benefits for the intended recipients and/or for ourselves as we witness in awe the mysteries and power of Prayer.


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Gratitude is the most powerful prayer there is. Find deep gratitude for your life, the elders and Bundlekeepers in our Dance community, and all your loved ones. Say a prayer for them, send them an email, send them a silly Hallmark card, do anything, but just say thank you!