Video: About Community Bundles

Video: Wolf Creek Elder Cabin Blessing

Video: Traditional Songs by Joan Henry

Ceremonial Pipes with the Laubins

Video: 1000 Years of Song: The Apache

Video: Gathering Devah

Video: Marie’s Dictionary

Video: The Last Salmon Feast of the Celilo Indians

PBS Video: Out of the Shadows

Benedicte Wrensted and Jane Gay never knew each other. But both took images of Native Americans in Idaho at the turn of the 20th century. In this program, we bring their stories and their photographs out of the shadows. Descendants of those in the photos also discuss what the images mean to them today, and we introduce viewers to two female indigenous photographers practicing their craft.

Video Playlist:

About Community Bundles
Wolf Creek Elder Cabin Blessing
Women’s Honoring Song
Deer Song
Hemlock Song
Alligator Dance
Ceremonial Pipes With the Laubins
A Thousand Years of Song
Gathering Devah
Marie’s Dictionary

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