Little Green Muffin, NCPC Vice President, writes:

heya, my sisterbrothers! may this day find you safe and well. as i sit to write this, my brain has been filled with the haudenosaunee thanksgiving address, also known to some as “greetings and thanks to the natural world”.

more than a poem or prayer, these words set a tone and mindset of gratitude for all of existence. it asks the question “can we agree that these things are important?” it takes us to the place where we see what we are, and should be, truly grateful for.

the thanksgiving address also reminds us that we have a duty to always strive towards being in harmony with nature and our surroundings. how do we find harmony in such a disharmonious time on this planet? we do things that have effects.

those ‘things’ are many. dancing. connecting. praying. doing ceremony. feasting with loved ones.

there is a tri-part buddhist prayer that is recited before any ceremony, asking spirit for help, accepting that help, and then sharing that help with all in need throughout all the multiverse.

a large part of the ncpc’s job is actively sharing the help given by the dance community. we buy heating oil, we bring warm coats for folks who are in need, we support the preservation and teaching of the old ways. also, we support the ongoing dances and other ceremonies our elders facilitate. people come to clyde in need, and by the grace of your contributions, we can help.

those of us on the board see it a sacred responsibility to facilitate this help getting to those in need.

thank you for your ongoing support. we deeply appreciate your generosity, in all its myriad forms.

Sean Dill, NCPC Board Member, writes:

I give thanks for the Dance, for the NCPC, for all that is given me by the Dance, for the uplift of my spirit that comes through prayer and ceremony and ritual. These things I have learned about, in large measure, through the outreach of NCPC and all of the Dance Community. The joy of gratitude is amplified when I manifest thankfulness through sharing.

I give to NCPC what I can as regularly as convenient. In so doing I support not only the Dance, but most importantly, the people of the Great Basin and their traditions from which the Dance for All People originates.

Giving to NCPC adds to the good in the world. NCPC distributes coats at the onset of winter, helps folks at the Fort Hall reservation with living expenses, supports Native cultural activities and much much more.

Do you want more joy? I invite you to consider giving what you can, when you can. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Deb Bickford, NCPC Treasurer, writes:

With all of the unpredictable changes in the world, it is such a blessing to have the opportunity to dance around the tree. We dance to become one community of like minded people. We join around the tree, moving into ceremony, singing the songs, and praying deep within our hearts. This provides such a gift of moving out of current space and time and into a natural space. There are no differences under the tree as we are all there for the same need. The need for Community, connection, Love, empathy and healing. Such a gift.

Thanks to a generous donor, any donations received through the end of November will be matched – so your contribution will be DOUBLED. 

Through the end of November we have a double match offered by a very generous individual whom we deeply appreciate. Every donation makes a difference. 


THANK YOU everyone for all your generous NCPC contributions that make it possible for us to help support each and every one of our dances across the country! Your contributions also make it possible for elders to get to ceremonies, and to fund other important events.

Murray Edelman
Naraya Cultural Preservation Council

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