The Elder Wisdom Project seeks to share indigenous wisdom in a workshop format to interested participants

The Elder Wisdom Project seeks to share indigenous wisdom in a workshop format. The first offering of the year 2011 was the Campfire Confab 2011— featuring friend of the NCPC Benson Lanford (Southern Cherokee). Benson is a world authority on North American tribal art, culture, and spiritual practices. It is a rare treat to receive formal teachings and informal “chat time” with such a knowledgeable man. This event is sponsored entirely by your NCPC.

We honor our Naraya sister SkyBear for her dedicated, hands-on leadership in this project, and keep her close in our prayers as she moves through significant health issues. We look forward to seeing her once again strong and healthy, dancing around the Tree of Life with us all!

About Benson Lanford

Benson is a member of the Deer Clan, Southern Cherokee. His life focus continues to be virtually all things American Indian, participating in ceremonies and gatherings of all kinds. This and extensive travel to study Indian art in North America and abroad in hundreds of museum and private collections have earned him expertise recognized by many. Benson has been a consultant for the Smithsonian Institution, the National Museum of the American Indian, the American Museum of Natural History (NYC), Deutsches Ledermuseum (Offenbach am Main, Germany), and other institutions. For decades Benson has presented papers to innumerable symposia and was a cofounder of the annual Plains, Prairie, Plateau Conference. In addition to serving as an editor for scholarly journals such as American Indian Art Magazine, he has more than 100 articles and chapters in several books in print. He has led numerous workshops and actively contributes to the online Plains Indian Seminar. In his own right, Benson is an accomplished craftsman/restorer of historic American Indian material culture objects.