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Great Mystery is often invoked to be present when we engage in prayerful ceremony. This means many things to many people, but surely one of the greatest of mysteries is what happens after death. There are many beliefs about “the other side”, but the truth is — yes, a great mystery! Speaking for myself, it’s clear that at some point I will go through the transformation from living human to ancestor. What can I do to maximize my impact in uplifting life on Earth while I’m here? (One way is to support the NCPC with a generous gift now.) How can I leave a legacy that is meaningful to me now, and that will be meaningful to others when I’ve moved on? (One way is to support the NCPC with a generous gift after death!) Intrigued? Read on…..

It’s surprisingly easy to write a legally-enforceable Will, to control what happens to any worldly assets you leave behind. Since none of us know how much time we have here, it’s even a wise thing for young people to do. And having a Will is advisable no matter how much money we have (or don’t have). It will be easier for the people we leave behind to determine who gets our meaningful objects, and it will give pleasure to the beneficiaries of those objects to know they were remembered. Including a charity in your Will is just as easy as providing for your loved ones. Creating a Will doesn’t necessarily require an attorney – there are websites that let you do it (legally valid in your state) some for free, and there is software that can be purchased to do this as well. I have a Will, and have included a bequest to the NCPC. It feels great…

The NCPC is working actively to ensure that our work with the Great Basin cultures, and specifically with the Naraya, continues strongly for future generations. Here are some ways you can help this effort:

  • Create a Will, and include a few sentences to designate the NCPC as one of your beneficiaries – with a specific gift, a percentage of your estate, or the “rest, residue and remainder” of your estate (a residual bequest) after other specific gifts are listed

  • If you already have a Will, prepare a short legal document (called a Codicil) that can add a bequest to NCPC while leaving the rest of your Will unchanged.

  • If you have a life insurance policy, IRA or other retirement account, fill out a simple Change of Beneficiary Form to name the Naraya Cultural Preservation Council as the recipient of all (or a portion of) the proceeds

  • There are many tax advantages to “planned giving” to a nonprofit when larger amounts are involved. Send me an email if you want more information.

  •  Another way we haven’t promoted in the past is the opportunity for you to make a gift of “appreciated stock”.  If you own stock or mutual funds which have gained in value since they were purchased (and at this moment, gains are likely because the market is so high), you can avoid capital gains tax and take a charitable contribution deduction at the same time, by giving us the stock.  You must not sell the stock first – you must transfer the stock to our account and let us sell it.  So there are 2 potential tax benefits for you, plus the biggest benefit of knowing you are supporting our work long-term.  For more information, send an email to

If you do choose to remember the NCPC in a Will or other document, we’d love to know about that, to encourage others to join you in our newly-founded “Bequestor Society”. So if you set up a planned gift in any way, we’d appreciate if you tell us and give us permission to use your name as part of the Society, or if you prefer, we can list you as “unnamed bequestor.”

Thank you for all you do in this life to help uplift yourself and those around you, and for what you are able to do to continue the upliftment past your lifetime.

Mountaine Jonas, NCPC Treasurer Emeritus

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