NCPC: Meet Joy Loupe

//NCPC: Meet Joy Loupe
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Joy Loupe, Vice President

Being of Service

i am so honoured to be part of the ncpc. for me, it is such a privilege to be on the board, and to offer a whole new level of service to this community.

i have been involved in the dance since the first wolf creek dance in 1999. this ceremony, this community quickly became an important part of my life. i committed many years ago to a life of service, as a priest and as a caregiver. being a part of the dance for all people has greatly fed my service practise, allowing me to serve a wider community in more expansive ways.

i’d like to talk about service, and the myriad ways we all serve and care for each other. to serve is to give the gift of oneself to others.

The Mindset of Service

by giving with this mindset, we share ourselves. the magic is in the connecting. giving links us, creating bonds that we can’t even see. what we give of ourselves lives on, touching people everywhere. like the child of the child of the child who inherits their own ceremonial drag that their grandmother made because the ncpc funded a children’s school in fort hall. like the people learning songs fifty or a hundred years from now, because you sang them last year.

there is a trust that grows and continues as we give to each other, as we serve each other, as we serve the greater communities we live in. by taking turns serving and giving, we take part in the great hoop/web/circle of life and community. each of us serves as we can, be that in time spent in meetings and circles, washing dishes, making phone calls, facilitating ceremonies, carrying pipe, donating, organising, praying, the list is endless.

there are many ways to serve and to give. all forms of giving, be that time, money, effort, labor, all these represent our investment. no one way is more important, all gifts of self are crucial, no matter the form or amount.

its important to remember to give from a place of abundance. what is most abundant in your life? my definition of abundance is ‘enough and some to share’. its up to each of us to know what we have to share, to give, to offer.

the old saying, “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need” rings true, now more than ever. the naraya community grows and thrives as we each contribute in whatever ways we can. with that comes the beauty and comfort of knowing that we have a connection with people all over the world, and a resource where we can ask for help, for prayers, for spiritual support.

may we all find the thread of connection in this great weaving together of our lives, and may spirit guide us in our actions and thoughts, that we may give of ourselves in the fullest way possible, and allow ourselves to receive with grace and beauty.