Construction of the first series of Elder Housing cabins broke ground on April 16, 2012. Phase 1 was completed by the start of the Wolf Creek Dance that same year.

The Wolf Creek Nomenus Sanctuary has been the home of the Wolf Creek Dance For All People since 1999. The 80-acre sanctuary is located in a valley in the mountains of southern Oregon. Hillsides forested with douglas fir, madrone, big leaf maple and white oak surround a rolling meadow and the flowing waters of Wolf Creek itself. Few structures exist past the Garden House, the Barn, and several small cabins. Visitors know that the Wolf Creek Sanctuary is primarily a camping environment.

In order to better serve the elders of the Dance For All People and those with special needs, Nomenus and NCPC jointly initiated the Elder Housing Project to build several low-cost, low-maintenance cabins on the land specifically for special events throughout the year. The cabins are a gift to the Sanctuary, with the request that they will be available for use by the Wolf Creek Naraya at and around the time of the dance.