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The Call to Dance

Sept. 28 – Oct. 1, 2017
Waukeela Camp, Eaton Center, NH

The energy of the dance supports us within the container as we connect with the Great Spirit and beyond. This connection offers us the gift of life.

The New England Community welcomes you to join us to dance in celebration for our connection to spirit. We dance to accept and embrace all that is, to trust spirit to guide us on our journey and to continue to be open to the gifts that are offered to us.

Spirit guides our destiny and offers unique opportunities to support our growth. To accept and trust that we are being held in this way can free us from our fears, thoughts and judgements allowing our true self to emerge. We invite you to step into the circle to embrace the concept of openness, acceptance and knowing that creator is holding us always.

From Thursday September 28nd to Sunday, October 1st, we gather at Waukeela Camp near Eaton Center, NH. The schedule for Thursday TBA. The Circle will be set on Friday late morning/early afternoon with Dancing on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening. Closing ceremonies will be Sunday morning.

EMAIL for more information.

Waukeela Camp