In-Person and In-Place

We the New England Community invite you to dance hand-in-hand under the tree with the Ancestors, Sept. 19-22, 2024.

With an open heart, we come to re-member where we are from, who we are, so we can focus on our relationship with self, Spirit, Mother Earth, each other, and All Our Relations.

  • How do your intentions nourish you and your connection to Mother Earth?
  • What holds you back from walking as your sacred self in everything that you do?
  • How do you, or will you, care for your sacred self, daily?
  • How will you honor what you leave behind as you step into your sacred self?

Attending the Dance & Intention Guiding

Should you feel called to join this dance please download the Call for more information, and to select an Intention Guide. Once you have spoken to one of these individuals and your intention is identified, your dance begins!

We commit to bravely moving forward, honoring our sacred lives…