Having explored different ways to gather over the past few years, New York is coming together once again for a full dance. Join us around the Tree in the presence of the Fire, the Water, the Earth, and the Air. Trusting in Spirit, we weave a strong and harmonious community basket.

December 8-10, 2023 — Olivebridge, NY
in person — in place

We are excited to welcome all who are called to dance with us around the tree as we strengthen our community basket. The tree, our center focus, its roots in the earth and its crown in the sky (air). Taking energy from the sun (fire) and the water and synthesizing the elements along with our intentions creates a dynamic energy which moves out to do its work. Energizing and driving the roots deep into the earth which weave themselves into a basket for all creation.

We look forward to gathering with you,
CarolMarie, Gray and Jan,  the New York Dream Council


Dancer Resources

About Ceremony

Every dancer has a unique experience, but there are shared themes. Be prepared to connect with this spiritual village that we create of like-minded people. Be of good heart, and listen to your inner voice; embrace renewal, look for the many nuances of balance, harmony and community. Be of good heart, and listen to your inner voice; embrace renewal, look for the many nuances of balance, harmony and community…

About Emma Dann

Emma Pohipe Dann can rightly be called the spiritual Grandmother of our modern day Dance. It was through her visions and urgings that she supported Clyde Hall and Dan Blanchard to rebirth the Ceremony as we know it today. Nearly two-thirds of the songs we now sing at our Dance are songs that Clyde and Dan learned from Emma. She was this unique and very remarkable lady, born in a sagebrush arbor on the reservation, who didn’t even have a record of her own birth.


How To Make a Vision Arrow

A vision arrow is a wonderful way for you to prepare for your Dance. It is a physical manifestation of the visions, guidance, and dreams you wish to attract into your life. It is something you craft with your own hands as you see fit, imbuing it with your heart and soul. No two arrows have ever been alike, so let your imagination fly free in it’s creation…

What Is The Tree of Life?

At the Dance For all People we always dance around a living tree. The life of the Dance and the prayers of the dancers continue even after the Dance closes on Sunday. We need to be mindful of its living nature, that it has a “life” and is not merely a ceremonial object. The energy of Spirit circulates from and  around the branches and roots. Through the Tree, Spirit permeates the circle, moving in seen and unseen ways.


Dancing In Place

Folks have been connecting with the Tree and dancing in place since fairly early in the history of the dance; it may not be something you were aware of. When the dance circle has felt especially full to you, with many more people dancing than were visible, it was full, and not only from the Other Side Camp. A number of people have experienced the feeling of being present at the Tree when they were hundreds of miles away, with their prayers swelling our ranks and the power of our songs. This is something that can be achieved consciously when done safely; it is powerful, effective, and ideal for the time we are in.


Community Health

updated 10-6-23

We walk forward, trusting the integrity of each member of our circle. We trust that we all share the deeply held belief in this interconnected circle and that the health and safety of all of our dancers and eders is paramount. It is in keeping our individual selves healthy that we are best able to protect one another.

Ashokan Center Health Protocol for General Events

“Masks are optional in accordance with local and CDC guidelines. If you develop symptoms (Fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea) or come in contact with someone who is Covid positive within 6 days of the start of our an on-site Ashokan Center event or program, do not attend.”  Ashokan Center Website

New York Dance for All People Health Policy

• These guidelines may change as required. Dancers will be notified accordingly.

• Please monitor yourself for any symptoms (as listed above) and stay home if any symptoms develop.

• Please take a rapid test at home before your departure for the dance and one when you arrive. We recommend that you watch this video before testing: COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test: Sample Collection for Omicron

As of September 2023, free Covid tests can be ordered from https://www.covid.gov/tests.

• If you test positive on arrival, you will be asked to immediately return home. If returning home is not possible, you will need to isolate on site, which we will do our best to facilitate.

•If you develop symptoms of illness while at Ashokan, please begin wearing a mask, isolating, and inform our point person immediately. Those who test positive will be asked to leave if possible or will be provided separate housing if travel plans need to be rearranged.

• If at all possible, please test 5 days after leaving Ashokan. If you test positive or develop symptoms after leaving Ashokan, please let us know as soon as possible.

Dancers will be informed of those who have tested positive during or after the Dance to the best of our ability, facilitated by our Community Health point person.

We ask you to sit with this invitation, Dear One. Do you hear the Call to connect with this community and dance this ancient Dance of Renewal? All of Life supports us!