Northwest Dance 2023
March 16 — 19

Blessings One and All,

The Naraya – A Dance for All People, is an unfolding tradition of healing and renewal for ourselves, our relations, and Mother Earth.
The Dance is born of an ancient vision, and the life of the dance is about the vision of each and every dancer who is called to it. Dancers, new and seasoned, of many races and walks of life, come together to create community. We gather, learn and sing songs that have been sung for countless millennia, hold hands and dance a simple side step around the Tree of Life. Each breath, step and song is a prayer for healing, renewal and transformation of our inner being. A feast is held consisting of five ritual foods— water, corn, buffalo, salmon and berries. These foods are offered up to feed the spirits that come to help us do this work, taken into our bodies to eat on their behalf. The Dance is a sacred, powerful ceremony, we invite you to approach with respect and humility.

The Burning is the traditional opening of our Dance. It is a Northwest Coast ceremony to feed the ancestors prior to the beginning of the Dance, and will take place prior to the Dance itself. Further information will be in the ‘Dear Dancer’ letter.

Gatekeeping & Intention Support = Yes!

Blessed Be

Marcus – Your Spirit-Visionkeeper
Wendy – Your Bundlekeeper