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Beauty Is The Harvest of Presence

2018-06-03T22:03:07+00:00 June 3rd, 2018|Change, Consciousness, Gratitude, Great Mystery, Happiness, Joy, Love, Peace, Silence|

BEAUTY is the harvest of presence, the evanescent moment of seeing or hearing on the outside what already lives far inside us; the eyes, the ears or the imagination suddenly become a bridge between the here and the there, [...]

Weaver God, Weave My Life Into Yours

2018-05-03T15:48:35+00:00 May 3rd, 2018|Change, Consciousness, Faith, Love, Thinking Differently|

Weaver God, we come to you, or more the truth – you find us, disconnected and out of sorts. We are disheartened by our failures, discouraged by our weakness and little that we do seems worthy of your grace. [...]