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O Budded Greening Branch!

2017-04-15T22:31:43+00:00 April 15th, 2017|Change, Consciousness, Great Mystery, Helping Hand, Mother Earth|

O budded, greening branch! You stand as firmly rooted in your nobility As the dawn advances. Now rejoice and be glad; Consider us frail ones worthy To free us from our destructive ways: Put forth your hand and Raise us [...]

May The Wind Breathe Healing Upon Us

2017-03-04T12:34:18+00:00 March 4th, 2017|Change, Consciousness, Faith, Gratitude, Great Mystery, Happiness, Helping Hand|

May the Wind breathe healing upon us, prolong our life-span, and fill our hearts with comfort! You are our father, O Wind, our friend and our brother. Give us life that we may live. From that immortal treasure, O Lord, [...]