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Dancing Into Family which Lifts Us Up

Indian Canyon, Hollister, CA
October 18-21, 2018

Birth family, chosen family, human family, spirit family.
We dance into the family that loves us for exactly who we are–and supports us
to grow into our best selves.

We dance to heal the wounds that are passed down through our families.
We dance to lean into the family bonds that lift us up and strengthen us to do our work in the world.

We are reminded that “all power lies in a circle”. In Ceremony, in community, the power and clarity of our circle is multiplied a thousand-fold. And so we call on each of you to bring your voice, your highest vision, your dreams and your prayers to the Cauldron. To encourage the process of healing at a global level, we must first change the one thing over which we have real power: ourselves. And if not now, when?

We are honored to Dance once again at Indian Canyon, sacred land that has never been colonized and that to this day serves as a sanctuary for coastal native peoples. This land is the only federally recognized California Indian Country in a 300-square-mile area on the California Central Coast.

Today ceremonies of indigenous traditions from around the world take place here. We are deeply grateful to Ann Marie Sayers, Mustun/Ohlone elder, for opening her home to us.

The purpose of the Dance for All People is to honor and renew our relationship with the earth, the ancestors, and all beings through creating a common ground for all. Inspired by Great Basin Plateau tribal traditions and originating in their ancestral Round Dance, the Dance for All People today incorporates singing and dancing in a simple side-step around a tree.

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