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Tennessee Dance For All People

April 4-8, 2018
La Vergne, TN

Just as Grandmother Spider spins her web, the words we speak become the strands we weave together. This web is a vital, living prayer in action that holds us in times of conflict and in times of harmony.

Our circle is reclaiming innocence. We see this energy in children, an inherent knowing of freedom. We glimpse it in moments of our lives — what it is to be free.

It’s our duty to hear the call, to get back to that state of pure innocence, to return to the soul core which resides in everyone. We witness this in children and elders, the connection to the essential self — to joy and light, to truth, to wonder and love. As seekers, we must journey consistently to find that inner core, what is pure, so we can share it with a starving humanity.

We invite you to join us in April to dance around the Tree of Life, to come together with Spirit to weave this wise strong web laced with love and kindness.

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