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Utah Dance For All People

May 17-20, 2018
Wind Walker Ranch
Spring City, UT

In life, we are taught as children through magic. We spend our early years deeply immersed in powerful experiences and lessons that are conveyed to us in the language of spirit. As children, we effortlessly walk between two worlds; existing both in the physical realm, while intuitively knowing and engaging in the ways of the spiritual world.

Gradually, as we grow, we often lose this attunement to mysticism and the ways of magic. The stories we inform ourselves with about who we are and what it is to be human, the noise of our daily lives and experiences, the simple daily stress of being alive makes it so we are perhaps less open to the fluid, non-linear ways of magic.

This magic, however, does not die. It is an ever-present, thriving, living, breathing, life force of pure creation that is available for us to walk within. The vision of the Utah Naraya this year is for us to return to this place of magic. Through engaging with community, nature, spirit, our ancestors, and tradition, we will slice through the rings of our identity and drop into a space of pure creation. Within this space of creation, we will manifest a place of balance between our experience of humanity, and the magic of the spiritual world. We will step into a place of becoming more fully alive.

Dance Chief Clyde Hall leads ceremony
Bundlekeeper Bruce Frazier