What Is Prayer To You?

During the Wolf Creek Dance For All People 2012 whoever happened to be close at hand was asked to participate in an experimental Video Project. All they were told was that they would be asked one question on camera, but would not be privy to what the question was until the camera was rolling. Many intrepid and adventuresome randomly-selected individuals were intrigued enough to participate, and here in this series are their breathtaking and candid answers to the question— What is Prayer to you?

Alphabetical List:

Audrey Lawson
Blue Thunder
Day, Joti & Fagus
Eli Ruiz
Favero Greenforest
Jaime Lawson
Javier Regueiro
Jennifer Hawke
Jim Lawer
Little Green Muffin
Malama ManyGifts
Nikira Hernandez
Rosette Royale
Roran Littleseed
Stella Maris

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