Making Your Vision Arrow

Be mindful what you ask for.
Are you truly ready and willing to receive?

A vision arrow is a wonderful way for you to prepare for your Dance. It is a physical manifestation of the visions, guidance, and dreams you wish to attract into your life. It is something you craft with your own hands as you see fit, imbuing it with your heart and soul. No two arrows have ever been alike, so let your imagination fly free in it’s creation. You will bring your vision arrow to the Dance, and it will sit with the medicine bundle for its entirety. Most likely it will go home with you, lucky you!, as it will henceforth be your personal hotline to the medicine bundle and the Tree with which to pray in times of dire trouble and in times of gratitude with your overflowing joy!

Your vision arrow is made with a stick and — if you choose — herbal arrangements, crystals, feathers, or other natural objects. Be as elaborate or as simple as you feel called to be, but be clear about your intentions. Be mindful what you ask for! Are you truly ready and willing to receive what you are asking for?

What You’ll Need:

  • A stick of wood, ranging in length from 12” up to 24” (no longer please).

  • Small pieces of paper, (those little post-its are a good size), on which to write your prayers and intentions.

  • Colored yarn, thong, or other natural fibers for tying the prayers to the stick.

  • Other gifts from the earth for adornment. Get creative! Have fun!


1. Prepare the stick. You may wish to smudge it or leave it on your altar for awhile before working with it. You might choose to debark it, carve it, or leave it as you found it.

2. Write prayers or positive intentions on the little pieces of paper, making it a “thankyou in advance” statement, or draw symbols of what you wish to manifest.

3. Cover prayers with yarn. Choose one color of yarn or fiber for the first prayer or intention. Bind the paper carefully to the stick with the yarn.

4. Decorate & accessorize! When the first prayer is covered, choose another color of yarn. Position the next piece of paper and cover it in the same way. Add as many prayers as you feel called to (and that fit). Always wrap the tail end of the previous strip of yarn beneath the following one. Be as elaborate or as simple as you wish!

What’s Next:

  • Remember your intentions. Write them down and reflect on what you have wrapped beneath the yarn. Before the dance —  meditate, dance, dream, and pray with your vision arrow.

  • Bring your vision arrow to the dance. Your arrow will sit with the Medicine Bundle of the Bundle Keeper during the Dance to be charged up.

  • Your arrow may go back home with you or stay in the Bundle. If you take your arrow home with you it is your own personal hotline with the Bundle!

Your vision arrow is a physical manifestation of the visions, guidance, and dreams you wish to attract into your life.