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Tennessee Dance 2018

  The Tennessee Dance For All People takes place April 4-8, 2018. Our circle is reclaiming innocence. We see this energy in children, an inherent knowing of freedom. We glimpse it in moments of our lives — what it is to be free.

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Ida Mae at 100  — New Video

  The New York Dance For All People was honored to welcome Ida Mae Garrison of the Oglala nation as an honored guest in her 100th year of walking upon Mother Earth! Joan Henry tells us “her longing to hear traditional songs again, her longing to hear the sound of the drum and to feel it’s rhythm brought her to this Dance.”


After The New York Dance

 You have tasted what is real and possible in your life. Whether this is your first dance or your tenth, it may be easy or challenging right now. Here are some time-tested suggestions to help you ground and digest your experience after the dance…

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Latest Videos

 View all the new Dance For All People videos that have just been released.

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Clyde Hall & Rosette Royale Videos

 After the 2017 Wolf Creek Dance For All People, Dance Chief Clyde Hall and Vision Keeper Rosette Royale sat down amidst the cacophony of the Garden House balcony to talk about the big changes that are happening in the world that will affect us all, and how the Dance For All People can be a positive influence in our lives and in the world…

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Dance FAQ

 Are you interested in the Dance For All People, or a first-time dancer wanting to know more? The Dance For All People comes from a tradition of the Great Basin/Plateau peoples that has been revitalized by Native people…

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Coming To Pipe

 When we gather around the Pipe in each of our communities we put that pledge to draw strength together into action. When we sit in community at the ritual of Pipe, we amplify our individual vibrational energies in our spoken and unspoken prayers.

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A Lesson In Aging From Standing Rock

 It was about eight o’clock in the morning, right after breakfast at the Ashoken Retreat Center located on ancient Mohawk territory in New York State where we gathered outdoors in a large circle. The sky overhead was grey with winter. A gaggle of geese honked their way from south to north while a hawk screamed at their passing.

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Statement From The Elders

On the eve of the recent New York Dance for All People, a council of elders met to craft a statement to address the current climate of confusion and fear that has chilled the spirits of so many in the country, and indeed the world. It was a lively discussion, marked by passion, tears and a deep commitment to serve the best interests of the people.

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Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address

The Thanksgiving Address (the Ohen:ton Karihwatehkwen) is the central prayer and invocation for the Haudenosaunee. It reflects their relationship of giving thanks for life and the world around them. The Haudenosaunee open and close every social and religious meeting with the Thanksgiving Address.

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Acerca de “Danza Para Toda Las Personas” En Español

La Danza Para Todas Las Personas viene de una tradición de los indios Norte-Americanos que viven en la Gran Cuenca/Meseta en el oeste de los Estados Unidos (E.U.). Esta Danza Ceremonial se ha revitalizado para perpetuar la curación y la renovación de nuestra Madre Tierra y todos sus seres…

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Prayers & Prose For Peace 

The Prayers For Peace and the Prose For Peace, an ongoing feature of the Prayer Request Line is now being archived for easy reflection. The archives now  include interesting new art. Click to subscribe…

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