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Wolf Creek Dance For All People

June 6-10, 2018
Wolf Creek, OR

This year will be different. Even though we’ll be dancing on land we’ve danced upon each June for close to 20 years, this time, it won’t be the same. That’s because the Dance has changed in each of its iterations, thanks in part to the gifts brought by that year’s unique mix of Dancers. In other words, the ceremony provides a framework for evolution. So this year, ask yourself: How would you like your life to evolve? As the dragonfly symbolizes a time when life’s magic and mystery are reawakened, ponder what personal magic you’re ready to explore, consider which inner mystery you can embrace that will transform your life.

If the spirit of these words go darting through your heart, then, Dear One, you have heard the call for this year’s A Dance for All People.

And all means all. Many who attend the Dance at Wolf Creek self-identify as queer; others don’t. You don’t have to any claim any identity to be a part of this circle. All we ask is you embody your own essence — and that you remain open to hearing the call of Spirit. In return, you will be embraced with love. Everyone is welcome around the Tree of Life.

At this Dance, as we glimmer like jewels in an expression of our individual and collective power, we’ll rejuvenate our psyches and spirits. And we’ll discard the debris that has hidden our beauty from ourselves — and the world.

So let’s begin.